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 Russell Evans returned with his family to Bend, Oregon in the spring of 2015 after a seven year stay in Seattle, and is delighted to call Bend home again. Though retired now, Evans is still active in selective portrait work.

"We really love the Bend area and the people here... whether getting a cup of Dark French Roast in town, or passing others on a trail or on the river, most people here are genuinely friendly, caring, and happy. It's just a real pleasure to be living and working again in this beautiful and diverse place."

Evans got his start primarily in photojournalism on California's Monterey Bay in the early 1980's, freelancing for Bay Area newspapers and magazines, and discovered what he most enjoyed was producing portraits. Over the years he worked with and learned from such noted photographers as artist William B. Giles, Martha Casanave, Lisa Evans, and Steve Kurtz. Evans also worked with owner Larry Abitbol at Bay Photo in Santa Cruz, learning critical skills in professional lab work and color correction. He eventually moved into wedding and portrait work full time, and joined forces with renowned portrait photographer David Peters in Marin County, helping expand Peters' studio while refining his photographic skills. To all of these he owes much gratitude.

After a decade in professional photography, Evans and his wife Suzanne moved to Washington's San Juan Islands, where their daughter Erin was born. Years later and back on the mainland again, he pursued other diverse interests including advertising and graphic design, transportation for the disabled and elderly, and even spent four years wrangling on horse and cattle ranches.


But eventually his deep interest in people led him back to portrait photography. "Every person has an interesting and often profound story to tell, if you take the time to listen," he says. "And in each face I see an introduction to that story."